What is effectiveness?

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Effectiveness refers to the degree in which objectives have been obtained and the extent which target problems have been resolved. It is distinguished with no reference to cost. 

Effectiveness also means “doing the right thing while efficiency is about “doing such thing right”. Another definition that may be incorporated with this word is the ability of intervention to perform more good things than harm for target population in the real world situation. 

Personal effectiveness is not all about reaching your goals for you can do it in a time consuming, sloppy, or wasteful way. It implies that you have to start making use of time practically as well as the rest of personal resources. This is how you achieve goals efficiently, such as investment, and get the best return. 

Effective individuals are more than those persons who obtain what they exactly want. These people have 2 qualities: 

They are making the best use of resources and they have been skilled at reaching their goals. Regardless of your main purpose in life, being effective indicates a good combination of skilled execution and efficiency. 

People have been personally effective in distinct ways. This is due to the fact that everybody has various values, priorities, and goals in life. For instance, skilled communicators are effective in various ways according to what they wish to achieve. 

Some individuals who wish to entertain others should have an exceptional sense of humor. Once they impressed a broad audience, then they posses incredible presentation skills. On the other hand, the coach has to become a good listener and communicate sensitively. 

Key Themes of Effectiveness :

Reliable – consistent, predictable, supports “single truth source”, self correcting 

Appropriate – optimizes support and supports for business purposes 

Elegant – simplicity, self adapting, clarity, consistency for various human factors

Integrated – supports, creates, and optimizes synergy in the entire systems 

Efficient –minimizes resource wastage and optimizes resource use 

Effectiveness takes place when all things support everything else. When talking about business, many organizations are focused on giving exerting more efforts for efficiency. Efficiency is just a dimension of the entire effectiveness. To achieve exceptional results, all elements should be managed properly, fairly and consistently. 

Source: Being a more effective person

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