Health and beauty benefits of Pears

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In this article I collected the health and beauty benefits of Pears.

Pears are sweet and juicy fruits of summer season. (Example: you can serve pears with goat or bleu cheese for a delightful dessert.)

Recent studies have shown that the skin of pears contains at least three to four times as many phenolic phytonutrients as the flesh and has also been show to contain about half of the pear's total dietary fiber.

This deliciously light and juicy fruit is rich in vitamins B, C, E, and K, along with copper, manganese, potassium, iron, magnesium, selenium, calcium, zinc, and folate.

Here are some of the health benefits for Your health:


Pears contain powerful antioxidants. There is a very high content of fibers that are present in this fruit which binds carcinogenic cells by remove them. 
This is very useful in preventing health hazards such as Cancer. It can also help in nearly 30% reduction in the risk of breast cancer too. Now you have an idea how beneficial this fruit is.


Pears have no allergic reaction in your body. This is important for the young ones because there are very few fruits which we can give to the babies.


Because of its high glucose contents that is present in this fruit provides instant energy to your body. The content is absorbed by the body and converted into energy.


Pears have amazing quantities of anti-oxidants present in it. This makes your body much more disease resistant. It improves the fighting capacity of the body against diseases.


This is important for diabetic people. The taste of the fruit is a bit sweet but still not harmful for diabetic people. It contains low amounts of glycerin and high fibers in it. So this helps in controlling the levels of sugar in your body and prevents the risk of diabetes.


Because of the high fiber contents they help in easy absorption of food materials. In order to have proper digestion you can start including pear in your daily diet.


Pears contain instant cooling properties. It provides a kind of cooling in your body which can help in reduction of fever.


The anti-oxidants of the fruit actually helps in killing of bacteria and virus that lead to easy cure of throat related problems.

Now let's see some of the beauty benefits of the pear:


Pears are loaded with powerful beauty nutrients. It can help you fight your wrinkles and takes you towards the process of anti-ageing because of it's fibers. These powerful vitamins and minerals infuse your cells with vital nutrition fighting wrinkles and helping your skin look more beautiful.


There is a lot of water content present in this fruit. Fruits which are rich in water contents are very good for your skin. Most of the antioxidants contained in pears are found in the skin of the fruit making it important to buy them organic. That way you can eat the antioxidant rich and anti-aging skin without worrying about pesticides, chemicals, or toxins.

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